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Update (9/22/2014)

Park City Miners Day Parade

It has been another busy few days since my last post but I know as we get closer and closer to election day (11/4) it just continues to get even more hectic.

We continue to park the campaign Sign Truck about the county (see the 2005 silver Ford truck). It is a good temporary reminder of our candidacy for those who see it.

Staples wants something like $0.65 each for printing brochures so I keep the Canon and Epson running printing our own brochures for about $0.20 the time to fold the suckers. Amazon has what is apparently a good folding machine for some $630 but I can manually fold a fair number of tri-folds (Zs) for that price. If you would like to view our brochure, see the previous post. To obtain a hard copy, please email me.

We did some old fashioned door-to-door campaigning on Saturday. Many were out enjoying the weather but most of the residents who where home were cordial and one couple kept me talkin' the trade for 10 minutes and gave us a bit of a snack to boot...Thank You!!

Only one couple had a problem with learning about the candidates and appreciating our efforts. They had a no soliciting sign and were quite surly regarding our efforts to leave our election material. Always one in the barrel, it seems.

Sunday we put out more signs and found most of the previously placed signs in good condition. The Republican signs placed in the Jeremy Ranch round-about were removed. I hope Tal (SC R Chair) looks into it. Frankly, I think that particular placement a bit over the top but I added my contribution to the others on Saturday, only to see them all disappear by Sunday.

While touring the county this weekend we saw only one of my opponent's signs, and that was in his yard! As of Sunday evening his website continues to be dark (there ain't nuttin' there) and parked on GoDaddy. When I ran against Chris Robinson for County Council in 2010 he didn't do much campaigning but he was the incumbent and I was running on the Constitution Party ticket. So I'm not totally surprised by my opponent's lack of involvement, though I do think it is doing a disservice to the voters such that they do not know him and what, if anything, he brings to the election process. I just wish I had his confidence. ;^)

Stay tuned...