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PR Question #6

Question 6: Please differentiate your platform from your opponent's. (200 words max.)

My Opponent
I pledge to the residents of Summit County that I will be a cautious steward over their tax dollars and to get the most leverage from them. I will look for ways to employ new technological resources to enhance efficiencies, streamline costs and remove redundancies where possible. I will work with the county departments and special service districts to ensure that costs are controlled, needed resources can be supplied and proper financial controls are in place.

During my tenure as interim county treasurer, I formed relationships with many of the current department heads and officials. Prior to the budget process, I strove to understand their departments and what services they perform. I asked them what were their needs and wants in their respective budgets. Our conversations resulted in understanding and compromising which led to changes thus keeping costs in line.
I will do the same while serving as the county auditor. I will re-establish those relationships and work towards efficient government, controlling costs and enhancing controls on the financial resources of this county. I ask for your support on November 4th!

Gary Shumway
I am the best candidate for the position of YOUR Summit County Auditor. I have three Master degrees, I have been a computer programmer since 1976 and owner of my contract computer programming business since 1984. I have written a complete budgeting and accounting system for a University, been hired by the federal government, the County of San Diego, large health care organizations, national laboratories, and brokerage firms. I have worked in the public and private sector with CEOs, CFOs, and members of teams resolving my clients' issues. I am a member of The Institute of Internal Auditors. I understand the auditor's checks and balance role.

I am a Republican but independent as I have no political debts to repay and predominantly finance my own campaign. My dealings with the County have only been as a taxpayer. I am fiscally conservative, socially inclusive. I believe the Auditor must audit, including the Special Districts, better communicate with the public, and the Auditor's office personnel better trained and procedures updated. I will spend thousands of my own money and many hours on this campaign. I am the candidate who is working hardest for your vote! Shumway for YOUR County