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Update (11/3/2014)

Less than 48 hours and we will have the voter's decision! After all these hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars it almost seems anti-climatic but the results will change the lives of a number of people.

Last Monday I had an 8:30A 'interview' with Leslie Thatcher at KPCW and excerpts of that interview has been posted herein under Audio -> KPCW Interview. Hearing it again, I found that it went reasonably well. My final mailers went to the printer/mailer for dissemination and I placed my sign truck on hwy 248 just West of I-80.

Tuesday I placed the sign truck in Snyderville Basin later in the morning, checked on a number of loose issues, and early voted. Normally I don't agree with early voting but since I expect to be running around most of Election Day I figured I better get it done. Tuesday evening I helped call Republican voters. Another long day.

Wednesday I made sure that all the mailers were sent out, that the last of the print ads were ready for printing, and called some voters.

Thursday more calling and I had a go-around with KPCW which was eventually resolved.

Friday was Halloween. The last Summit County News ad went out. I placed the sign truck in Park City to take advantage of the closing down of Main Street so kids could do trick 'r treating in downtown PC. Actually a pretty go idea. I didn't know we could have had a table with candy to dispense but the truck was there. After placing the truck I hoped on my WR250R and rode over to the South Summit HS football playoff game and handed out fliers. That's the last of handing out the fliers. I received a couple of our mailers in the mail so they seem to be going out OK.

Saturday the weather was pretty sour (cold and windy) so I stayed indoors most of the day calling voters. Our third Park Record ad also came out today. That's the last of the newspaper ads. We also received the last of my mailers today. That's six mailers in all. Each mailer targeted to a specific group of voters. We will see how well that all worked.

Sunday we drove about the county freshening up the signs and placing some additional ones for those that were removed. We also placed signs around about half of the polling places in preparation for Tuesday's vote.

And coming full circle here we are back on Monday, the day before Election Day. I have a number of things working today so I better get to them. Given the time, I will post some images of the ads we placed in The Park Record and the Summit County News. We also placed some graphics on The Park Record website so I will get them out as well, as time allows. This isn't going to slow down until Wednesday morning!!!

Take care,