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Update (1/27/2015)

I still owe you, my friends and/or the voters and candidates of Summit County, a white paper regarding the last election. No excuses, I will get to it and post it here and on my campaign's Facebook pages.
That said, my programming contract was renewed last December for the entire year of 2015 so I remain gainfully employed and actually am better off financially and time wise than if elected, but that's irrelevant, just a consolation to losing a close election.


Update (11/18/2014)

Summit County Clerk's office is holding the canvass for this years elections at noon on Tuesday, 11/18 at the Summit County Court House in Coalville. Canvass is where they go through the absentee and provisional ballots that remain uncounted. As of last week there were some 300 ballots that needed counting. Barring the parting of the Jordanelle Reservoir, the political races of everyone else are a done deal.


Update (11/3/2014)

Less than 48 hours and we will have the voter's decision! After all these hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars it almost seems anti-climatic but the results will change the lives of a number of people.

Last Monday I had an 8:30A 'interview' with Leslie Thatcher at KPCW and excerpts of that interview has been posted herein under Audio -> KPCW Interview. Hearing it again, I found that it went reasonably well. My final mailers went to the printer/mailer for dissemination and I placed my sign truck on hwy 248 just West of I-80.


Update (10/20/2014)

I know it is starting to sound like a broken record but last week was another busy week on the campaign trail.
Monday found me shooting TV ads which are airing on cable TV and have been placed on my campaign FaceBook site as well as my site. We finalized the back cover of the Park Record Voter Guide ad and placed some signs in the county

Update (10/13/2014)

Walking the Walk (stock photo)

I am rather rushed this morning as I have an event in Sugarhouse relative to my campaign to be your next Summit County Auditor. More on this in a week or two. That said, last Friday we handed out fliers at the NS vs SS high school football game in Coalville. Saturday our first (oh, wait, did I say first?) Park Record ad came out and I am getting good reviews re: same. The Park Record Voter's Guide comes out this next Saturday along with most (or all) of the six questions they asked us to 150 words or less.

Update (9/30/2014)

Campaign Yard Sign

As of Tuesday (9/30), only 35 more days until election day. Where does the time go?

Last Thursday the GOP candidates met with the Summit County Republican Women's Club at their luncheon. This is the second such meeting for most of the candidates. After the meeting I tried out my new motorcycle hitch carrier which enables me to place a motorcycle on the back of our Sign Truck, drive to a location in the county, leave the truck and ride home on the motorcycle. Worked well as a carrier but the mc was awkward to get out of the carrier. Still not a perfect solution.