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I am Gary Shumway and I am running for your Summit County Auditor.

Campaign web site:
GOP web site:
Face Book site: 'Vote Shumway'

My wife, Mary Ann, and I have lived in Summit County since 2002, we own a condo in Jeremy Ranch and live in Marion. I am an independent contract computer programmer, author (two books), and amateur rancher.

I hold three Master degrees: MA (Master of Arts) in Physiological Psychology, MPH (Master of Public Health) in Biostatistics, and MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Finance. Among other universities, I have attended USU and U of U. I am currently completing a Professional Bookkeeping Certificate from the U of U. I am a member of IIA (The Institute of Internal Auditors) and will be sitting for the Certified Government Auditing Professional exam next year.

I have been a computer programmer since before 1976 and started my own contract programming business in 1984. In the 80s and 90s I programmed a dental computer system for Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. One of the modules that comprised that system was a complete patient billing, accounts receivable, departmental accounting and budgeting system. The Dental School’s CFO did his accounting and budgeting (much as a county auditor would) using the financial software that I wrote. I have programmed for the federal government, the San Diego County government, large and medium-sized health care organizations, medical laboratories, and a brokerage firm. I currently have a contract with an international research and laboratory company. If I am elected, being our County's Auditor will become my full-time job. Summit County residents are paying for and deserve a full-time, independent and objective auditor with no business or political entanglements within the County.

I am not new to Summit County politics. You probably have seen my signs posted around the county and my name on the ballot during three of the last four election cycles. Unlike what is the norm and in order to remain independent with no entanglements or debts to repay, I have always financed my own campaigns. I have never accepted funds from any political party but instead contribute to their coffers. That said, I do most emphatically encourage your spirited and personal involvement in my campaign to become your next County Auditor.

Talking recently with Mr. John Dougall, our Utah State Auditor, in addition to the current reports he would like the county auditors do more actual auditing. Thus increased auditing will be one of my primary responsibilities as your County Auditor. Audits help keep honest people honest and save taxpayer money. My other primary responsibilities will be to champion government transparency, being the citizens and Summit County cities 'go to guy' in the County and modernize and increase the efficiency of the Auditor's Department.

I am campaigning for your County Auditor because it is predominantly OUR, yours and my, money that the county is spending and I want an objective and independent County Auditor ensuring that my tax dollars are allocated appropriately. Companies hire auditors who must be totally independent and objective with no ties to the company being audited, why should it be any different when it is YOUR money that is being spent? The County Auditor must be above politics and one who will actually conduct audits. My motto is "Trust but Verify!"

I know the subject matter and with the above experience I am comfortable around numbers. I am politically independent as I have no ties with the county other than being a taxpayer like you. I have always self-funded my political campaigns and have no political debts to repay. I am politically independent. I have the education, the financial experience, the political background without the ties, I am detailed oriented, motivated, objective and independent.

I am the best candidate for your Summit County Auditor. My web site is and feel free to email me at Please support my candidacy by informing your relatives, neighbors and friends in the county regarding the necessity of voting and electing an independent and objective County Auditor.

It just makes sense…because it’s about YOUR money!