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As the election is not officially over until canvass on the 18th, I think it's relevant that I get a few things posted so they aren't construed as post election 'sour grapes', should the outcome not favor my candidacy.

1. I believe that several offices in the County should be nonpartisan. I would argue that at a minimum the County Auditor and County Treasurer should be nonpartisan and term limited. Being partisan just encourages those office holders to side with their Party and party members rather than the county taxpayer. Those jobs are about protecting YOUR MONEY and following the law. All county departments and special districts within the County should expect regular audits, irrespective of which political party the head of that department belongs. Audits must be Party blind. Yet we had a Democrat elected as our County Auditor for 26 years yet we see Washington DC corrupt the principles of elected officials after just one term. I am implying absolutely NOTHING regarding our current County Auditor, it is just simply not the best policy nor what the Founding Fathers intended.

2. Another problem we have is the lack of knowledge by the public regarding their County Auditor's duties. While on the campaign trail, seldom was I asked just what were the Auditor's duties. Yet I will wager that I can count on one hand those in the county, irrespective of political figures and associates, that know what they pay their County Auditor to do on their behalf. I realize that if economics is the 'dismal science' then auditing must be either the 'yawn' profession if you're not being audited or the 'shovel ready' profession for those being audited. But people, it truly is ABOUT YOUR MONEY! We the people should be better informed as to findings of audits and reports made easily accessible. We must become better informed and demand more accountability and the communication of findings.

3. This was my fourth election as a candidate for State or County office. The first was as a Libertarian for State Representative, the next two as a Constitution Party candidate for County Council, and this election as a Republican for County Auditor. During that time I've spent about $70,000 of our own funds and less than a $1,000 of other peoples money, usually in politics it's the other way around. What I have learned includes the fact that as voters we have become conditioned to vote either R or D. Those parties have done a magnificent job in packaging their product. But I submit to you that we must encourage more political participation and for heavens sake get rid of the ability to vote straight party! How can two parties, let alone two candidates, truly represent the breadth of political thought in the United States? The obvious answer is they don't and can't. But it's a Catch-22 in that there is little money for third party candidates and it is difficult to get good third party candidates because too often it is just impossible for them to get elected, let alone make a good showing at the polls. Also, too often the voter does not know for whom they are voting. In this election I campaigned against an opponent who had been a registered Republican in the County since 1994, was appointed to a county office as a Republican, held several Republican Party offices, and even ran as a Republican in 2012 for County Council. But changing his party affiliation three weeks before the filing deadline to Democrat suddenly made all that disappear. I find it astounding, not only that Summit County Democrat Party Chair Glenn Wright encouraged his run for County Auditor, but that a candidate for Auditor would believe that behavior ethical, unethical to not divulge the information. Yet most astounding is that apparently enough of the Democrat and Unaffiliated voters bought it. For those who researched the candidates and believe my opponent the better person for the job then fine. But to those who blindly voted D for Auditor because D was your vote for Sheriff, Attorney, etc. then you have drunk the two party Kool-Aid (visa versa holds true in predominately R counties). You MUST get to know the candidates, not just the letter after their name on the ballot! Doing otherwise dooms our Constitutional Republic.

(to be continued)