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Why Am I Running?
I am campaigning for your County Auditor because it is predominantly OUR, yours and my, money that the county is spending and I want an objective and independent County Auditor ensuring that my tax dollars are allocated appropriately. Companies hire auditors who must be totally independent and objective with no ties to the company being audited, why should it be any different when it is YOUR money that is being spent?

Summit County has had the same Democrat as Auditor for 26 years, this while some 75 percent of the elected county officials are Democrat. This is not casting any dispersions on our current auditor but realistically how independent and objective can he be? How objective and independent can another Democrat be? There is obviously a potential conflict of interest. Additionally, elected officials who serve more than several terms in an office become increasingly subject to potential conflicts and the desire to feed at the public trough rather than serve at it. I will self-term limit to a maximum of two terms as your County Auditor.

The County Auditor must be above politics and one who will actually conduct audits. Mr. John Dougall, our Utah State Auditor, has stated that too many county auditors are not actually doing audits. There are numerous special districts in Summit County which have not been audited by the Auditor’s office for years. Audits help keep honest people honest and help ensure YOUR tax dollars are not misused. Additionally, I understand that too often grant money, earmarked for specific programs, are just thrown into the General Fund, thus losing track of them. If so, this is not right and will be changed. Additionally, reports produced by the Auditor's office should use the most current data. There is some concern that this is not currently the case. If so, this should be fixed. I want a more open, responsive to the tax payer, County government and if I am elected it will start with your Auditor’s office. The County Auditor's office is also in need of modernization and better conformance with Utah State guidelines. I subscribe to the motto of one of our great Presidents; as your County Auditor I would “trust but verify”.

Why I Am The Best Candidate?
I am the best candidate because as Auditor my moto would be, "Trust, but Verify". Thus I would actually conduct audits, not just generate reports and sign off on financial claims against the County. I have three master degrees including an MBA in finance, an MA in Psychology and an MPH in Biostatistics. I have been a computer programmer since 1976, with my own company since 1984. I have programmed a complete accounting and budgeting package for the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. I have contracted with the federal government, the County of San Diego, large HMOs, medical laboratories and a brokerage firm. I am completing a Professional Bookkeeping Certificate from the U of U. I am a member of The Institute of Internal Auditors and will be sitting for the Certified Government Auditing Professional exam next year.

I know the subject matter and with the above experience I am comfortable around numbers. I am politically independent as I have no ties with the county other than being a taxpayer like you. I have always self-funded my political campaigns and have no political debts to repay. Though historically a Republican, after Bush pushed the 2001 Patriot Act, I have run for office as a Libertarian, Constitution Party member and now as a Republican again. I am politically independent. I have the education, the financial experience, the political background without the ties, I am detailed oriented, motivated, objective and independent. That said, as a contract computer programmer you have to be a team player to help ensure that projects run efficiently and effectively.

I am the best candidate for your Summit County Auditor. My web site is and feel free to email me at Please support my candidacy by informing your relatives, neighbors and friends in the county regarding the necessity of voting and electing an independent and objective County Auditor.