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Update (11/18/2014)

Summit County Clerk's office is holding the canvass for this years elections at noon on Tuesday, 11/18 at the Summit County Court House in Coalville. Canvass is where they go through the absentee and provisional ballots that remain uncounted. As of last week there were some 300 ballots that needed counting. Barring the parting of the Jordanelle Reservoir, the political races of everyone else are a done deal. At 43 votes down, there is a possible chance (check local paper for the time of the water parting) that the voters would grace my campaign for County Auditor with some additional 17 votes over my opponent's count and get me in to a re-count situation. If we get there, I'll take it and see where it leads. There is a much less chance that I could come out on top but then no doubt my opponent would want a re-count. There are even odds that I could even end up further behind than 43 votes. When people ask about the election and it's status I generally quip that when all is said and done, I'd rather be the guy 43 votes up, than down. But it is what it is and it was a good, honest effort, regardless of the outcome. I am most appreciative of the help I received from the Republican Party, for those who campaigned for me and of course for the voters trust in me as their perspective county auditor.

My first election in Summit County was back in 2006 where as a Libertarian for State Representative I got 7% of the vote. This was just a smidgen more than a typical third party candidate receives in a three way race. 2008 found me battling it out for Summit County Council in a three-way race where I received 10% of the votes running on the Constitution Party ticket. Because I love spending our money on futile political races I was back in 2010 running again against the Democrat winner of the 2008 race for another shot at the Council seat. There was no Republican in the race so the GOP helped me out and I received 40% of the check marks. Excellent for a third party candidate, but obviously not a win. I sat out 2012. I don't know, I just couldn't get enthused about spending all the time and money all over again. But here I am again in 2014, not having learned my lesson of running as anything but a D in a D dominated county. Yet seeing as how I could never run on the same party as Barry, I've given it another try, this time as an R for Auditor. And now this story is up-to-date.

Tomorrow will finish this tale and 2016 will find us cruising around the country on a new Goldwing Trike (if you get a chance get a copy of "Winging Through America" which I authored) or I will be sitting behind a desk at the County Building adding up columns of numbers. Hmmm, maybe I should inquire into the parting being cancelled.

Take care out there!