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Update (10/20/2014)

I know it is starting to sound like a broken record but last week was another busy week on the campaign trail.
Monday found me shooting TV ads which are airing on cable TV and have been placed on my campaign FaceBook site as well as my site. We finalized the back cover of the Park Record Voter Guide ad and placed some signs in the county
Tuesday I did some miscellaneous campaign work but mostly worked and finished our 2013 taxes. The extension for filing is great up until filing becomes due. Paying taxes is one thing, going through a year's worth of paperwork is another.
Wednesday, in addition to working, I put together our radios (audio) ads and handed out fliers at the NSHS football game while my CM handed out fliers at the SSHS game.
Thursday included several meetings and going to KTMP to record my radio ads. That went pretty smoothly and the audio ads will be playing on KTMP and Pandora. I placed them as slideshows (to add interest) on my campaign sites. Take a look see.
Friday I had to work, pick up more signs and some miscellaneous campaign tasks.
Saturday I went through the Voter Guide and more miscellaneous campaign tasks.
Sunday we spent about three hours out and about the county refreshing/replacing signs. Afterwards I spent a couple of hours putting together more signs. My CM worked on some other campaign tasks.
And here we are, Monday again already. Fifteen days until the general election.
This week promises to be even busier than last week with the KPCW 'Debate' on Monday (the Auditor candidates get all of 1 (yes, one) minute to introduce themselves and that's it. Then we have some Meet and Greets and the last PCHS football game on Friday.
My opponent still has no website but he did answer the Park Record questions posed to us. You can view our answers on my website as well as my answers on FB. I paid for a back cover ad on the Voter Guide but I didn't see any ad from my opponent. An interesting way to run a campaign. We'll see if it works come election day.
While out and about the county doing signs Sunday I noticed that all the signs were removed from five locations along Hwy 32. Of course I put mine back up but it's going to hurt my opponent as I think they took two of his signs, and there are precious few of them to begin with. I believe I previously counted 10 signs throughout the county, now it appears he's down to eight. I know I shouldn't be telling him that stuff but chalk it up to 'professional courtesy'.
The report on our campaign expenditures and contributions is due next week. Should make interesting reading.
Stay tuned as our campaign continues to grow and go!