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Update (10/27/2014)

Mr. Jamison

Well, I think that was the busiest week yet. Eight more days! Digging down a bit deeper to keep this going full steam up until election evening.

Monday evening was taken up with the KPCW 'debate'. We 'lessor' candidates got all of 1 minute to speak (basically an intro) yet it consumed 3.5 hours from 6:00P to 9:30P. It was the second time I've heard my opponent speak. The first time was at the Democrat Convention. Unfortunately I do not remember much of what he said Monday as I was concentrating on my 1 minute speech which was up next. Interesting night, but long. I also had to get our ads in to the Summit County News today.

Tuesday I did some cold calling of voters and set-up a robo call for Wednesday for the Early voters. Early voting started today. Submitted art work to the Park Record for our third ad in that paper. Then there was the Meet and Greet at St. Luke's Church in Snyderville Basin. There would have been a better turnout if we would have offered food. People seem to love free food.

Wednesday was more of the same, similar to Tuesday. The Robo call went out and I placed the sign truck in Snyderville Basin. Wednesday's Meet and Greet was held in Kamas. There was a better turn out.

Thursday I placed the sign truck on hwy 248 just before the I-40. Hard to know how effective this is but it does enable me to get signage and contact info out in an area that it's difficult to keep a campaign sign upright. More cold calls to voters and the last Meet and Greet, this one in Coalville. The turnout is the best we've had and there were lots of treats. Hmmm, like I said, free food.

Friday worked on a mailer for Monday, started preparing for my KPCW interview with Leslie come Monday morning. The Summit County News ad comes out today. Handed out fliers prior to the Park City HS football game. Attendance was mediocre at best and the evenings are getting down right chilly. Winter is in the air.

Saturday we did several hours of walking the city of Kamas as other Republicans walked elsewhere on the East side. I placed the sign truck at the Reid Building in Park City, did some calling, and prepared for the interview on Monday.

Sunday, Mary Ann and I went out checking signs and put up a few more. Some were down and were replaced. There have certainly been worse elections as to keeping signs up. I think the first one in which I ran against Mel Brown (R) and Laura Bonham (D) as a Libertarian was the worst. If it wasn't Mel's people, it was Bonham's. And of course they were savaging each other's signs as well. Crazy. Later Sunday we took time out and had our anniversary dinner at Kyoto's in SLC. Excellent food, great company!

That brings us around to today. The interview with Leslie seemed rather anti-climatic and was only about 10 minutes long. I don't think I hurt my campaign but again it is pretty darn quiet out there. Also left the truck out on hwy 248 again and it was one cold ride on the Yamaha WR250R back to the hitchin' post at 9AM. I am still trying to get warm several hours later. Last of the mailer art work and addresses sent to the printer/mailer. I also turned my financial report in to the SC Clerk's office, it's due on the 28th. Now it's back to manning the phones and getting ready for election day.

As I close this update, I do want to thank my brother, Charles for contributing to my campaign and a big shout goes out to Grant and Dianne Morrison who were most generous! Thank you very much. The contributions have been put to good use as my expense report shows I have spent $22,233.46 to date and I believe the total will be very close to $30,000 when all the bills are paid and the ink is dry. To date I have self-funded 97.3% of my campaign with zero party, PAC, or corporate money (in fact I've given the GOP $1,652.). With an annual Auditor salary of some $90K, I am obviously not running for the money, other than I want to protect OUR, yours and my, money. That and working toward fulfilling a public service akin to that envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Take care and vote early if you are so inclined. You can still register to vote at the County Courthouse in Coalville and vote at the Court House, at Kamas City Hall, the Marsac Building and the Sheldon Richins Building. Please do get out there and vote! Election day is November 4th!