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PR Question #5

Question 5: Are you satisfied with the county's current council/manager form of government, why or why not and what would make it better? (150 words max.)

My Opponent
I am satisfied with the current council/manager form of government. I admit that at first I was skeptical, but now having seen it work, up-close and personal, I am supportive of the change. Our County Council members each have their lives to live and trying to actively manage a county of our size and revenue base could be and would be an overwhelming task in my opinion.

Our current County Manager had brought varied and valued expertise while he has served here and he will be missed. Of course as with any new endeavors and/or changes, there will be tweaking and minor changes needed. We have a venue in which to voice our desire for change in the County Council. It is through this "safety valve" that we as residents have a say in the affairs of the executive branch.

Gary Shumway
Most of humanity has the desire to better their circumstances. This is a good trait but also one which causes us to believe that it is always greener on the other side of Hoyt's Peak. Numerous measures could be used to determine a general consensus whether moving from a Commission to a Council/Manager government was better for Summit County and in 150 words it is essentially futile to adequately expound on them but here goes.

Is county government more responsive to us? It is bigger but arguably less responsive. Is county government more open? Too many decisions are made without citizen input or in opposition to our input. Is county government less expensive? No. In 2008 the cost of Commissioners and Administration was $529,207, in 2013 the cost of Council and Administration was $1,207,416. The manager has been given too much power. Council must rein in the manager.