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Five Minute Stump Speech

I am Gary Shumway and I am running for your Summit County Auditor.

Three generations ago my great, great grandfather Charles and his son, Andrew, were among the first pioneers through the Summit County area to settle in the Salt Lake valley. My wife, Mary Ann, and I arrived a bit later, in 2001. I had a vocational choice of working in LA or SLC thus the decision was a no-brainer and an opportunity to reconnect with my roots. In 2002 we moved up the hill when we purchased our condo in Jeremy Ranch. In 2010 we moved yet further up the hill when we bought our current home in Marion. Mary Ann and I have six children, five living, and six grandkids. One of our daughters and family live nearby in Clinton.

As to my education, I hold three Master Degrees, an MA in Psychology, a MPH in Biostatistics, and an MBA with an emphasis in Finance. Among other universities, I have attended USU and the U of U. I am currently completing a Professional Bookkeeping Certificate from the U of U. I am a member of The Institute of Internal Auditors and will be sitting for the Certified Government Auditing Professional exam next year.

Vocationally, I have been a computer programmer since before 1976. In the 80s and 90s I programmed a complete dental computer system for Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. One of the modules that comprised that system was a complete patient billing, accounts receivable, departmental accounting and budgeting system. The Dental School’s CFO did his accounting and budgeting using the software I wrote.

In 1984 I became an independent contract computer programmer. I have programmed for the federal government, the San Diego County government, large and small health care organizations, medical laboratories, and a brokerage firm. I currently have a contract with an international research and laboratory company. I am my company’s CEO, CFO, and GOFER. Mary Ann has informed me that she is the company’s treasurer and auditor.

Politically I am not new to Summit County politics. You have probably seen my signs posted around the county during three of the last four election cycles and hopefully even voted for me. Unlike what is the norm and in order to remain independent, in the past I have always financed my own campaigns. I have been informed that this stance may discourage those who want to be involved in politics but can only contribute financially. Thus I will not solicit campaign funds but if offered I will earmark the contribution towards a specific advertising campaign so the donor will know how their contribution is being spent. I will not accept funds from the Republican Party but will instead contribute to their coffers. That said, I most emphatically encourage your spirited, personal involvement in my campaign to become your next County Auditor.

For those that may not know, the County Auditor wears a number of hats. The Auditor investigates and signs off on financial claims against the County, handles accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities including the disposal of dated financial material, composes monthly and yearly reports for county departments and the state, conducts accounts auditing, performance auditing and has subpoena powers relative the Auditor’s duties. Talking recently with Mr. John Dougall, the Utah State Auditor, in addition to the current reports he would like the county auditors do more actual auditing. So actual auditing, government transparency and department modernization, would be my focus if elected your County Auditor.

I am running because it is predominantly OUR, yours and my, money that the county is spending and I want an objective, knowledgeable and independent auditor. The County Auditor’s office is in one sense about politics and in another it isn’t. It is about politics because over three quarters of the county offices are headed by Democrats thus electing an Auditor with the same big ‘D’ after their name flies in the face of objectivity and that is why it is not about politics, the Auditor must be independent and objective. This does not mean we need an Auditor to just go charging in half-cocked, the Auditor must also be meticulous and a team player to help keep the county running smoothly, but efficiently as possible. I subscribe to the motto of one of our great Presidents; as your County Auditor I would “trust but verify”.

I am the best candidate because I have the education, the financial experience, I am detailed oriented, I have the political background, I am motivated, and I am independent but also a team player.

My web site is and please feel free to email me at Please support my candidacy by informing your relatives, neighbors and friends in the county regarding my candidacy, the necessity of voting, and the need to have an independent County Auditor.

It just makes sense…because it’s about YOUR money!